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  • Who we are
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  • What we value

Who we are

We wanted to deliver more than the average beauty box. We knew we could be better. So we have. We wanted to offer quality brands that people would love and feature products that were more substantial than a handful of samples. That's why our beauty boxes bring you products that not only last but show quality results.

Cohorted launched in 2016 with a passion to provide premium products that you could actually experience and enjoy. Today, Cohorted has become the No1 go-to discovery destination for a variety of consumers who want to connect with both new and established premium beauty brands. Our curations help you find something new and different every time to add to your daily beauty regime.

What we do

We curate premium beauty experiences delivered right to your door at the click of a button. From our award-winning monthly subscription beauty box to our limited-edition releases, we use our brand experience and customer focus to put together a collection of the best premium beauty products, content and education.

What we value

We are passionate advocates of the "Be You Be Beautiful" movement, dedicated to empowering our customers to embrace their unique beauty in all its forms. At our core, we believe in providing a platform that celebrates new beauty trends and movements, encouraging individuals to express themselves authentically. Through our Beauty for Conservation® initiative, we champion sustainable beauty practices and actively support charitable endeavors that drive us closer to a more sustainable future.

To uphold our commitment to sustainability, we have implemented various eco-friendly measures. Our packaging is fully recyclable, and we strive to collaborate with brand partners who share our values of sustainability. Last year, we took a significant step by transitioning our printed monthly magazine to a fully digital in-app magazine. This switch alone reduced our carbon footprint by 384,000 and our water consumption by 817,200 gallons per year. Whenever possible, we opt for paperless alternatives to continually minimize our environmental impact.

Moreover, we collaborate with sustainable logistics partners to ensure carbon-neutral shipping for all our orders. By doing so, we contribute to nature-based carbon removal solutions, including reforestation and soil carbon sequestration. Our company consistently makes ethical choices, taking progressive steps towards a more sustainable future within the beauty industry.

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Our Beauty Box range has been tried and is trusted by experts all across the globe. Here are just a few of the magazines and blogs that our curations has been featured in:

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